Born of Defiance (The League, #8) by Sherrilyn Kenyon Review

Born of Defiance - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born an Outcast, Talyn Batur has spent the whole of his life fighting against the prejudice of his people. An Andarion without a father is not something anyone wants to be.


But when his companion's brother draws him into a plot against the Andarion crown, he finds himself torn between the loyalty to their planetary government that his mother has beaten into him and his own beliefs of justice and right.


Now, he must decide for himself to remain a pawn of their government or to defy everything and everyone he's ever known to stand up to tyranny. It's a gamble that will either save his life or end it. And when old enemies align with new ones, it's more than just his own life at risk. And more than just his homeworld that will end should he fail,



It has been a long time since I have read anything in this series. I really enjoyed the sweet romance. 


There are a lot of names being thrown around and I did feel like my reading would be enhanced by having read the other books. However, when I looked up the character that I most wanted to read about (Jayne) I discovered that she doesn't have her own book yet. Wahhhh. And that even though this book is Book 8 in the series, it is more like Book 2 in time. So, I don't feel so bad being confused.


I am endanger of giving a lot of spoilers in this review. It is that kind of book with lots of twists and turns. I will be careful!


Like I said the romance is very sweet and tender. This is in stark contrast to a very brutal caste based would were the hero is at the bottom and the heroine is higher but not very high. The caste system was enraging.


I did like that the hero and heroine didn't magically escape harm. There was a lot of suffering before the very well earned triumph. The villains were very flat and i think the development of them may have relied on books I haven't read.


3.5 stars for a mixed bag of a series book with a great hero and heroine and a wonderful romance with fun action.


I borrowed this book from my lovely library. I am so glad I did when I saw the Kindle price! Whoa!