Walk Through Fire (Chaos) by Kristen Ashley Review

Walk Through Fire - Kristen Ashley



I struggled with this book even more than I did Ride Steady.


I did the strangest thing. I read it all out of order. I couldn't stand the long drawn out secret of why they split up and the flashbacks. Ugh.


I like the book from when they are really back together but the toxic games they play just before that were not good.


The reason they broke up...Scream! Ohter readers are okay with it because they were both young but I can't get over the non commuication and the making of choices for someelse. Also, the heroine has some really reasons to leave the hero in those early days but those don't even come up despite her very differnt background that would have been difficult to ajust to biker lifestyle which included same darker days.


Also, oh so many also... her friends are tacked on...I can't belive that she didn't well explore life in the 20 years..and even though finnlly we have an ex wife that isn't a villain (even though she is talked about like one in earlier books) KA seems not to be able to image a fully developed nice person. The ex wife is just missing something.


I liked the kittens and the not perfect kid.


Yeah. Hmmm. So, will I read the next one? Likley, I am so hoping for the magic to come back.