Christy by Catherine Marshall Review 5 Stars

Christy - Catherine Marshall

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Christy by Catherine Marshall


In the year 1912, nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves home to teach school in the Smoky Mountains -- and comes to know and love the resilient people of the region, with their fierce pride, their dark superstitions, their terrible poverty, and their yearning for beauty and truth. But her faith will be severely challenged by trial and tragedy, by the needs and unique strengths of two remarkable young men, and by a heart torn between true love and unwavering devotion.




I don't recall how old I was when I first read this love story but I adored it then and I do now as well. 


The heroine is young and in a class fish out of water situation. She grows into her adulthood. This is a respectful book of every character and every viewpoint. 


The world building is utterly lovely in its darkness and joy. There is such music in the book and the landscape and the culture are equal characters in the book.


The love triangle never feels angsty but rather organic. The love story comes from a true seeing of a person and is wonderful. 


The religious aspects of the book are tender and show faith as light and weave natually into the romance. 


A comfort read. So good!