Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein Review

Sweet Agony - Charlotte Stein

New job, new boss, and he’s cold, strict, but terribly attractive. Does Molly Parker stay or does she go? Because beneath Cyrian’s chilly front, there may be a heat that’ll burn her up.


Giving in was vicious bliss.


The live-in position is an opportunity for Molly to earn and escape a problematic family. There’s just one drawback. Her employer is the most eccentric, aloof and closed off man she's ever encountered. His rules are bizarre and his needs even more so, and caring for his ramshackle Dickensian home is far more than she ever bargained for. Only their increasingly intense conversations stop her heading for the door. Cyrian Harcroft is a man of many mysteries and secrets, and the more she learns the greedier she is for each and every one. Especially when she discovers his greatest fear: any kind of physical contact. Now all she has to do is dig a little deeper, to unearth the passion she knows he can feel…





I am huge Charlotte Stein fan and this book represents why. All the lovely little details, the literary allusions, the sexual tension, the humanity, playing with troupes, and falling in love.


The point of view is very personal. Usually, I would feel smothered but here I am just immersed.


I am into BDSM romance but the sexuality of the leads is character driven and ultimately burning hot.


The fact that they are huge bookworms for very different reasons and the waterfall of literary allusions puts me over the moon.


I love how they adore each other minds and accept each other fully.


The self doubt at the end on the heroine's part might be in character but it was annoying.

This is a dark and erotic romance but it is full of hope as well.


Great read.