Deception by Amanda Quick 5 Stars!

Deception - Amanda Quick

This week's featured favorite is Deception by Amanda Quick. This is confection of a romance for readers who like kids, dogs, and laughter in their books. The heroine is a bookish virgin.  She is absent minded and wonderful and the hero is part stuffy part pirate. 


The things that are the best about this book are the surprises. There is a lovely humanity and diversity in this book tucked away in the pages that always makes me happy. 




Saddled with raising her three hellion nephews, unmarried Olympia Wingfield spends all her spare time studying ancient legends, that is until the boys' new tutor, handsome Jared Chillhurst, arrives




Utterly charming. We have a bookish heroine, a dog, three busy boys, and a rakish yet stuff hero.


There are all sorts of hidden gems of delight in this ruckus adventure romance.


Most profoundly, it shows characters who are open minded and good hearted and yet fierce in their love.