A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister, #1.5) by Courtney Milan 5 Stars!

A Kiss for Midwinter - Courtney Milan

On Thursdays, I pick a book beloved to me to share. This week's Christmas choice is A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister, #1.5)  by Courtney Milan. 


Oh this book! It such a smart Historical Romance. Sweet and Sour in just the right ways. The writing lovely, The characters perfectly drawn with a romance you will always remember.


It is short so you can sneak it in between all the stuff you have to get done this time of year. 




Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful, and never more so than at Christmas time. But no matter how hard she smiles, she can't forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation. Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret, one other person knows the truth of those dark days: the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham. She wants nothing to do with him...or the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her way.

Jonas Grantham has a secret, too: He's been in love with Lydia for more than a year. This winter, he's determined to conquer her dislike and win her for his own. And he has a plan to do it.

If only his plans didn't so often go awry..




Amazing character and historical detail in a small space. Compelling love story. Wonderful. Milan is simply steller. No one is writing better historical romance right now in the form of the novella.

If you like, beta-heros, blunt characters, christmas romance, close families, dyingparent, gritty stories, medical history, historical romance, intellectual herose, non-virgin-heroines, scholars, seduced-and-abandoned plots, the victorian era, witty speech and womens- rights

This book is for you!