Country Boy (Hot off the Ice #2) by A.E. Wasp 4 Star Review

Country Boy (Hot Off the Ice Book 2) - A. E. Wasp

The first time Paul Dyson met Robbie Rhodes, they ended up naked in Robbie’s bed. The last time they met, on the ice the morning after, Paul punched Robbie in the face and called him something he’d rather not repeat. 

Two years later, they’re teammates and Paul is so deep in the closet he'll need a roadmap to find his way out again.

Robbie might be his compass. But to be with Robbie, Paul will have to turn his back on his family and everything he’s ever believed in. 

It’s going to take a lot of faith to find their way together in this shiny new world. 





This love story is much more angsty than the first one in the series but it is just as good.


Paul is struggling to accept his own sexuality and integrate it into his deeply held faith. He risks losing his church community and his connection to his family. Wasp does a great job exploring this tensions and the crisis of worldview with care and respect.


Robbie is trying to figure out if he want to be out in the media as a sports figure and if being with Paul is what he should do.


These two heroes coming from very different worlds but they like snd love each other so.


The romance is compelling, the hockey great, the circle of friends a joy.


There are some lovely twists and turns. This could have been a five star book but Paul's integration of faith and sexuality isn't as well explored as it could be in the closing and the stuff with his father felt rushed. The end of the book would be richer if it happened over a series of months and it needed and epilogue like crazy.


But it is a really good read overall.