Skye Blue (Firsts and Forever, #6) by Alexa Land 4 Star Review

Skye Blue - Alexa Land

Sometimes, the road to happily ever after takes you where you least expect it.

Skye was only interested in finally losing his virginity, but he might have found much more than that. Two guys both feel so right to the twenty-one-year old art student, but maybe that means they cancel each other out. After all, if either was the one, Skye wouldn’t have feelings for both of them. Would he? 

But what if he really did just meet the love of his life?

Skye Blue is the sixth book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series, but each book can also be read as a stand-alone, so jump in anywhere.



I fell for Skye and his hero in a later book in this series which I read first. So, no problem reading out of order!

I adore Skye. Yes, this book is really sweet in places and over the top and the Nana character is manic...but it really works for me. This is joyful unrealistic romance, however, the characters are really delightful and funny.

There is ache in here and that balances the book for me. I really liked this love story and this couple.