PS by Caraway Carter Review

PS - Caraway Carter

ooking back, it was kind of crazy to put a down payment on a fallen-down train depot I’d never actually seen, in a state I’d never actually been to, and use it to build a life with a guy I’d never actually met, but love makes people do crazy things. If you’ve ever been in love, you know what I mean.

But before the plane had landed, I found out that Sam—the guy I’d met online and had been talking to for four years—wasn’t really Sam. He wasn’t even a guy.

I already own the little train depot, and I can’t go back to my old life. And Fairville is such a lovely welcoming town. Did I mention James? He’s made sure that I’ve had a really warm welcome.

All I want is to build a great little bookstore, and have a relationship based on humor, honesty, and hardbacks. I see some tough choices ahead of me.

Or maybe I don’t have to choose…



This book had a lot of great themes for me: starting over, above 40 love, plan hero, bbw, and train depot.

The town was a bit over the top crazy nice and Sam (the semi villain) needed more development. 

The writing is good but the story and characters needed more layers for men. For example, Gus is a bookseller but we never really get a sense that he loves books. 

I wanted more intamacy between heroes as well.

I would read another book set in this world though.