Delicious (Delicious #2) by Sierra Riley Review

Delicious - Sierra Riley

“You’re exactly what I never knew I needed.”

“I don’t have time for love.”

Gavin Campbell has poured everything he has into starting up his bakery, Delicious. Its success has given him a sense of security that was sorely lacking in his childhood, and even if working round-the-clock hasn’t left him any time for a personal life, you can’t have it all, right?

“Maybe I just need something delicious in my life.”

Outgoing, successful, and with an ass to die for, Ben Edwards is everything a girl could want… and yet none of his exes have managed to tie him down. He knows the fault isn’t with them, though. No matter how great the girl, Ben just doesn’t seem wired to fall in love. 

“I want to be the one who takes care of you.”

When an accident leaves Gavin unable to work, Ben steps in to help, inviting Gavin into his home, his life and, eventually, into his heart. Despite homophobic relatives, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and more sweet temptation than either man was prepared for, they’ll each discover that just because they didn’t know something was missing, doesn’t mean it can’t still be found.




This is a sweet read. Ben is a natural care taker and when Gavin gets injured he takes care of him. And falls in love.

Gavin works too much and Ben didn't really understand he was attracted to men until Gavin.

They have a good deal of things to work out but there is great chemistry, care, and respect between these leads to it makes for a really good read.