Fake Boyfriend by Jerry Cole Review

Fake Boyfriend: M/M Straight to Gay First Time Romance - Jerry Cole

Vincent Diaz's life was extraordinarily boring. He worked a boring job and went home to his boring life knowing he'd given up all of his dreams of being an artist and creating for a living. That was when Bryan Andersen barged into his life, smiling, laughing, and pulling him close, declaring him to be his new boyfriend— whether Vincent liked it or not.

Bryan had recently broken up with his girlfriend, Dana, who handled the breakup less than well, leading Bryan to come up with the ultimate excuse— that he had "realized he was gay" and that's why he couldn't see her anymore. She didn't buy it. He needed to find an alibi and quick! Together, Vincent and Bryan fake dating to throw Bryan's ex-girlfriend off his trail, but Dana doesn't give up easily, and Vincent and Bryan find their quick-forming friendship may be leading to a relationship that's not as fake as they had intended it to be....




This was a quick finding yourself kind of romance. It has a gay for you theme which I don't care for much but fake relationships are a favorite theme of mine and this one was fun. 

I enjoyed the aspect of the story where both Bryan and Vincent grew as people and found the courage to go after what they wanted to have richer fuller lives.

The stalker element was a bit over the top just in that while Bryan eventually did go to the police, there could have been much more discussed about domestic abuse and stalking of men by women.

They both could have come to a deeper understanding of their sexuality as well.

But it was a quick enjoyable read with some really good parts but shallow and a lack of realism in places and details of location made it not as good as it could have been.