Sheep's Clothing by Elin Gregory 3.5 Star Review!

Sheep's Clothing - Elin Gregory

A terrifying personal change plus a family bereavement might have been bearable, but the break up of a relationship as well is just too much for handyman Darren Murchison to take. Everywhere needs someone who can fix pipes and fit lights, right? So he ups stakes and moves to a quiet valley in rural Wales.

With work to do, a house to improve and a hunky farmer to lust after, things are looking up! In sheep country just how much trouble can a gay, English, werewolf plumber get into?




For such a short read, this is a wonderful romance in terms of character development, setting, and world building. 

We get the start of a romance but the bad guy took up room where more love story could have been but very good quick read. A delight with lots of fun surprises.