The Alcove (Lavender Shores, #7) by Rosalind Abel 3.5 Star Review!

The Alcove (Lavender Shores #7) - Rosalind Abel

Jasper Getty is living his dream as the owner of the charming bookshop, Lavender Pages. For seven years, he’s enjoyed the safety and freedom to be himself, selling books by day and curling up and getting lost in novels by night. But a dark page from the past comes back to haunt Jasper as his ex begins stalking him.
Russell Wallace hit reset on his life in Nashville and became a bodyguard after decades of living according to family expectations. But even years later, he doesn’t believe he deserves happiness. When


Russell is asked to travel to the beautiful seaside town of Lavender Shores to protect a friend’s brother, he expects nothing more than a job and a paycheck.
But Lavender Shores reveals a world Russell never imagined, and his immediate attraction to the adorably geeky


Jasper complicates an already difficult job. Jolted by the memory of a shared moment and paths that crossed years ago intensifies the sparks into a bonfire of passion and hope. 
When danger comes pounding at the door, Jasper is in danger of losing his life… and his heart.




We get the bodyguard theme in this romance with fun nods to the Houston/Costner film. The other great fun of this book is we have a ginger bookworm hero. Yea! And he loves romance and cozy mysteries so there is all kinds of great allusions, romance conferences, and book club joy.

Jasper gives books to Russell which we all know much better than flowers. The stalker aspect of the book is of less interest to me but Jasper does end up saving his self. 

Able/Witt always does a wonderful job with sex positive love stories and we get this here along with the lingering impact of domestic abuse and internalized homophobia. I wish we have a bit more unknotting of Russell's issues and more time after the heroes commit to each other but this book is a bookworm's delight overall.