You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy $1.99

You Don't Know Jack - Erin McCarthy

Jamie Peters has just been told by her cross-dressing psychic that she’s about to meet her soul mate. Yeah, right. Jamie no longer believes in true love after dating so many true idiots, scumbags, and moochers. But sure enough, a knight in shining armor steps between her and a mugger on a New York City subway platform. Just a regular, honest, upright Jack. The kind they don’t make anymore . . .
Millionaire Jonathon Davidson is a former day trader who doesn’t usually make a practice of lying to beautiful women. But social worker Jamie thinks he’s just an ordinary guy, and is clueless about him being crazy rich—not to mention the other secret connections that exist between them. She’s submitted an application to his grandfather’s charitable trust—and he’s the one who’s supposed to be investigating her. Jonathon can’t come clean just yet—but it’s going to be very hard to resist getting naked with Jamie in the meantime . . .