One More Soldier by Marie Sexton Review!

One More Soldier - Marie Sexton


Will has known Bran since he first taught him to swim, when Bran was eleven years old. But now, seven years later, Bran has returned from a year of hard work on a ranch outside of Houston and he is no longer the boy Will remembers. He is now eighteen, quite grown up, and making no secret of the fact that he’s interested in a sexual relationship with Will. At first, Will is horrified. He has a hard time forgetting the Bran he knew as a child, and given their seventeen-year age difference, he can’t understand why Bran is interested in him. But everything changes when he finds out that Bran has been drafted.

Will and Bran will have only two weeks together. But two weeks may be enough to change Will’s life.




For me this is an excellent short story but as I was expecting a romance... well while it ends hopefully, it isn't a romance. I wish that the story had rolled forward after where it rested and we got to see the new life and new love. 

However, Marie Sexton is such a talented writer and this is much a lovely character driven love story set in a moment in time perfectly with age difference during the Vietnam War and right after Stonewall.