His Steady Heart by Nell Iris Review

His Steady Heart - Nell Iris

Ashley “Buck” Buchanan moved back home to take care of his sick mother when he was 22. That was the first time he met Pippin, the neglected 6-year-old boy next door. Fifteen years later, Buck, a caretaker by nature, offers up his couch for Pippin, who needs a break from his mom and a quiet place to sleep.

Pippin Olander is a ray of sunshine despite his emotionally lacking upbringing and works hard to make a better life for himself. Even though he’s fiercely self-sufficient, he learns to accept help from Buck, his rock and the only steady presence in his life.

Their friendship deepens and grows into something more as they spend time together. But when other people try to throw a wrench in the works, when Pippin’s independence is triggered, can Buck and Pippin trust in the love they’ve found?



This is a really sweet romance between Pippin and Ashley who have been friends forever. Pippin's mom is pretty awful but Ashley or Buck is really kind. 

The other characters in this book are cartoonish but the connection between the heroes is lovely and its a nice age gap romance. Nell Iris writes nice love stories but they always need to be longer. The in a full relationship part and the HEA could be more developed but its a nice read.