A Comedy of Erinn - Erinn is cynical, uptight, and funny. There are two possible heroes in this book. I think you will be happy with the one she chooses. I really like the possibility of this book. It is funny and the characters are great and the plot is interesting. Here is what it lacked for me. I needed the actual love scene and more of them than I got. Maybe it is just not that kind of romance novel, but actual love scenes would have gone a long way to have me in invest in the chemistry of the couple. I would have also liked the leads to spend more time together. I loved them together. I would have liked closing chapters where they were together and making that crazy thing work. I would kill for a portion of this book to be from the hero’s view point. This would make this book delicious. I wanted to roll around in the happy ending. Then, I would really know the hero and the couple and likely reread this one many times. Going to the writers website, I see that there will be more books featuring the Wolf women. Maybe I will get my wishes granted in future books! I was given this book for my honest review, So, there you have it!