THE BILLIONAIRE'S HOUSEKEEPER by Kiana Campbell 99 cents

The Billionaire's Housekeeper: A Marriage Of Convenience Romance For Adults - Kiana Campbell, BWWM Club

Rita Brooks has been billionaire George Ainsworth’s housekeeper for the past few years.

With George currently going through and completing a divorce, due to his wealth and influence, he has the paparazzi buzzing around his house looking for dirt.

This worries Rita because she has a secret: she's a Canadian living in America illegally.

When George finds out, he decides to repay her loyalty and friendship over the years by marrying her so she can stay in the country.

But what starts out as a marriage of convenience soon turns into both the best and worse move he's ever made!

With new found and genuine feelings growing between the two, will it be enough to make up for the havoc this marriage will cause on other aspects of his life?