Belonging (Firsts and Forever #8) by Alexa Land Review

Belonging - Alexa Land

Can two damaged men build a future together from the shattered pieces of their lives? 

Gianni Dombruso’s life was altered forever at the age of four, when his parents were murdered and he and his brothers went to live with their grandmother, the irrepressible Nana Dombruso. Now almost thirty, Gianni has spent his life bouncing from relationship to relationship, seeking but never finding the security and stability he so desperately craves. 

Alexzander Tillane was one of the biggest pop stars in the world when he walked away from it all in the middle of a concert in 2002. Almost destroyed by the pressure of fame, Zan retreated to a life of quiet solitude in an effort to heal. But the cure backfired, leaving him with more issues than answers.

Zan knows he can’t give Gianni the stability he’s looking for, not with all his problems. He can’t even imagine why the beautiful younger man would want to get involved with someone so damaged, but the heat between them can’t be ignored. Giving in to it could be a huge mistake. Or maybe both men might end up right where they belong.




I love this series as an all together fest of crazy and sweet with nice character development.


The plots are always bit much. Here, there is a really lack of communication in the start of the attractions. Its silly.


However, Zander and Gianni together are great once they get together. We get all the couple time I crave. I love that Zander is another hero's in the father and I love the discussion of attraction to older men.


The cast and setting are as always for me, a real good time.


PS And yes it is super silly that so many men in Gianni's family are gay or bi.