The Distance (Firsts and Forever, #11) by Alexa Land 4 Star Review!

The Distance (Firsts & Forever) (Volume 11) - Alexa Land

What if everything you think you know about someone is completely wrong?

Twenty-four-year-old Jessie thinks he has fellow street racer Kai all figured out. The tall, dark-haired Hawaiian might be gorgeous, but he’s also arrogant, angry, and a total menace when he gets behind the wheel. So why does an argument with Kai lead to the hottest sex of Jessie’s life?

As sex starts to give way to so much more, Jessie wants to trust Kai. But after a betrayal in his past cut Jessie to the core, that doesn’t come easily. Even if Kai proves to be far more than the gruff exterior he shows the world, Jessie’s sure he’ll screw up any chance at a relationship and get hurt all over again. He just needs to keep his distance, which would be a lot easier if the attraction between them wasn’t off the charts.

The Distance is the eleventh book in Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts & Forever Series, but each book is written to stand alone, so jump in anywhere. 



Yea! Jessie finds love. 

This is a really good love story. Jessie is a wonderful light, talented man and yet despite how very good he is, we get to see him taking a journey to being his even better self. 

Kai is grumpy. His family is great and watching fall in love with Jessie is a pleasure. 

This book is really a pleasure with a wonderful cast and new characters and the crazy at just the right happy amounts. 

Good stuff!