Life After Joe by Harper Fox 3.5 Star Review

Life After Joe - Harper Fox

Ever since his longtime lover decided he'd seen the "heterosexual light," Matt's life has been in a nosedive. Six months of too many missed shifts at the hospital, too much booze, too many men. Matt knows he's on the verge of losing everything, but he's finding it hard to care.

Then Matt meets Aaron. He's gorgeous, intelligent and apparently not interested in being picked up. Still, even after seeing Matt at his worst, he doesn't turn away. Aaron's kindness and respect have Matt almost believing he's worth it—and that there could be life after Joe. But his newfound happiness is threatened when Matt begins to suspect Aaron is hiding something, or someone...




Harper Fox writes with intensity and detail Her hero, Matt, is a mess after his boyfriend of many years leaves him out of the blue for a woman.


I am mean a self harming through hook ups, drugs, booze, and nearly getting kicked out of med school mess.


His only friend seems more like a double agent for his ex and then he meets the other hero, Aaron. 


This is an intense interior romance. It is very human but I needed more time to really believe in the love story and the recovery.