What Love Tastes Like By Zuri Day 99 cents!

What Love Tastes Like - Zuri Day

Burned by an unhappy childhood, Tiffany Matthews always plays it safe. She never intended to fall into bed with entrepreneur Dominick Rollins in a wildly sensual European encounter. But now that she’s landed a job as a sous chef at Dominick’s prestigious hotel, Tiffany is determined to keep things professional . . .
Dominick knows his new sous chef is keeping him at arm’s length, but he can’t resist coming back for seconds. Tiffany’s honesty is the one ingredient none of his glamorous exes has ever served up. He intends to use every tempting touch to melt Tiffany’s defenses and show her the caring man under his sophisticated image. But is what they have enough for Tiffany to risk her heart—or will this love prove too hot to handle?