Eli's Three Wishes (Love and Salvage #2) by Mathew Ortiz Review

Love and Salvage: Eli's Three Wishes - Mathew Ortiz, C. Moriatry, William Bristol

Eli Gaither was a big, rough, mean sumabitch of a man. Solitary by choice, he only attended Gaither family events when he was made to. Still hurting from a painful divorce, he was like an angry bear licking his wounds. Most people, save for his family, avoided him until Oscar Hernandez came into his life, yelling at him and turning his world upside down.

Okay, maybe he was plain loco for hitting on the grizzly bear of a man in front of him but

he couldn’t help it. The man was so freaking hot. But Oscar was not about to let this man tell him what to do and how to think. If Eli Gaither thought him a shrinking violet, he had another thing coming. Oscar was used to getting his way, so Eli was in for the ride of his life with the hot blooded Latin man.





The writing is rough. We wander deep into the land of the Latin hot tempered stereotype. 

The plot veers this way and that.

I didn't hate it but I can't recommend it either.