In a Badger Way (Honey Badger Chronicles, #2) by Shelly Laurenston 4 Star Review!

In a Badger Way (Honey Badger Chronicles #2) -  Shelly Laurenston

Petite, kind, brilliant, and young, Stevie is nothing like the usual women bodyguard Shen Li is interested in. Even more surprising, the youngest of the lethal, ball-busting, and beautiful MacKilligan sisters is terrified of bears. But she’s not terrified of pandas. She loves pandas. 
Which means that whether Shen wants her to or not, she simply won’t stop cuddling him. He isn’t some stuffed Giant Panda, ya know! He is a Giant Panda shifter. He deserves respect and personal space. Something that little hybrid is completely ignoring.
But Stevie has a way of finding trouble. Like going undercover to take down a scientist experimenting on other shifters. For what, Shen doesn’t want to know, but they’d better find out. And fast. Stevie might be the least violent of the honey badger sisters, but she’s the most dangerous to Shen’s peace of mind. Because she has absolutely no idea how much trouble they’re in . . . or just how damn adorable she is.




Bamboo eating, mellow, bodyguard and all around great guy and panda shifter, Shen is the hero I have been waiting for a long time. We learn fun about panda sex. lol And Stevie is all over that.


Stevie's sexual agency is awesome. She likes Shen (who wouldn't) and she pursues him. I loved it. He loved it. Honey Badger/Tiger mixed musical and science genius meets contented steady panda shifter for the win.


Shelly Laurenston is one of my very favorite writers and love her world. This book shines our of the work female rage, assertiveness, sisterhood and joy she does so well.


The romance is light in someways here and while I long for Shen and Stevie to have more moments in this very busy plot, I enjoyed the action adventure as well as the close look at Stevie's struggle with mental illness.


A fun ride in every page.


I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it!