Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh 5 Star Review!!

Wolf Rain - Nalini Singh

Excellent. Just Excellent.

Nalini Singh never disappoints. This is an amazing joyful action packed romance. The world building is off the hook which is stunning this deep into a series. I am so excited each time a new book comes out. I read it right away.

I love this universe and I love these characters.

In Wolf Rain, we get Alexie and Memory. We get a wolf dealing with genetics that may make it impossible to have a mate and Memory is finding her own strength and her talent. 

Watching them falling in like and love is a delight. Sexy too. So sexy. 

There is such heat and connection between them. 

The world expands here too with Memory Psy gifts. We get a wonderful plot that is perfect balance with the love story.

I also want to call out an amazing moment in the book of friendship and womanhood and representation. 

Singh's books have been a shining light for decades for diversity in characters. Diversity of all kinds.

Memory is of African decent. Many of Singh's characters have multi racial backgrounds. 
One of the ways Memory's captor controls her is by forcing her to straighten her hair. Memory resist his control over her body. When she get free, her hair is a snarl. She wants it natural. Another heroine helps her get those curls on point. 

This reminds me of the hours I spent growing up chatting with my friends while her mom put her braids in. The perfection of this moment to be so seen and to know the value of saying how we look is everything.

So, thank you Nalini Singh for masterful journey with surprises and delights of every kind.