Desk Jockey Jam Review

Desk Jockey Jam - Ainslie Paton

Whip it meets Wall Street

Anthony Gambese thought he had life sussed. Happy family, good mates, the freedom of surfing, a new career, and enough action in the bedroom to keep him well satisfied. He had no idea. But two chicks were about to show him the error of his ways, trashing his love-life, stealing his promotion and challenging his honour. And that was before he discovered what a roller-derby doll could do by skating over his heart. 

Like a roller derby jam, this novella is tight packed, fast and furious. It can be read alone or as a follow up to Grease Monkey Jive. It tells the story of Ant Gambese, the last of Dan’s mate’s not felled by a girl who was exactly what he needed, and didn’t see coming.





I wanted so badly to love this look. It has a roller derby heroine and great Derby and Aussie slang. I love that! This part of the book is great. Grand.


However, while it is true that book the characters grow in this book, I never really like either of them. The hero is a jerk and the heroine's motivations whiplash all over the place.


Because it is a short story, we don't really get a believable change over of who they are or any real psychological work. The sexy times feel a bit like someone trying to learning how to drive a manual transition. Lurch. Stop. Lurch. And the HEA isn't enough to really make me feel happy with what I have put up to get there.Never the less,I like this writer's basic voice and will try her other books. I do hope she gets better editing and beta readers though because her work is promising.