Best Dirty Talker in Romance

Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun Never Enough  - Lauren Dane Sheltered - Charlotte Stein Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna Play With Me  - Kristen Proby Big Boy - Ruthie Knox The Chocolate Kiss - Laura Florand

They say that a woman's largest erogenous zone is her mind.  I would bet it is the same for men or at least it comes in second place.


Dirty talk is can add play to the sexy times or just intensity to fog the brain and let us settle into the body. 


There are a lot of great dirty talkers in romance. What makes a great dirty talker? Done wrong it just icks me out or makes me laugh. 


So, who is the best? 


Here are my TOP TEN (in no particular order because I can never pick a favorite) 


1. Philippe Lyonnais from The Chocolate Kiss--French Accent, Food talk, Enough. 

2. Caden Grayson from Hearts in Darkness--Tattooed Bad Boy, Pitch Dark, Elevator.

3. Gillian Forrester& Adrian Brown from Never Enough-- Best Dirty Talking Couple.

4. Tyler from Big Boy--Costume Play Magic, Mystery, Great Voice. 

5. Will Montgomery from Play with Me--Direct, Commanding, Sweet.

6. Tate from Sweet Dreams-- Gruff, Relentless, Explicit.

7. Van from Sheltered-- Tender and Filthy

8. Brian from The Story Guy-- Owns Phone Sex

9. Hunter Anderson from Liberating Lacey-- Frisk me. 

10. Kelly Robak from After Hours-- Simply Hot. 



I would love to hear who you wins the title  for The Best Dirty Talker in Romance. Please let me know in comments! 


If you would like to cast your vote officially  click over to the Goodreads list: Best Dirty Talker in Romance.