I'm in the Navy! Romance Heroes and Heroines Swabbies

The Admiral's Penniless Bride - Carla Kelly Hotter Than Ever - Elle Kennedy Jonesin' For Action - Samantha Cayto Rough and Ready (Viking II, #6) - Sandra Hill A Game Of Chance - Linda Howard Harvard's Education - Suzanne Brockmann The Ice Princess - Elizabeth Hoyt Seize the Fire - Laura Kinsale Next to Die - Marliss Melton Navy Wife (Navy #1) - Debbie Macomber

Reblogging for Veteran's Day! 


Let us celebrate by noting the best books featuring naval heroes and heroines of Romance. (Let's see if I can find a heroine!)


I live in a Navy town and shore side reconnections from lovers too long away from each make the heartache around here. 


I will included those mighty SEALs in here as well. 


As always, I would love to know your favorite heroes and heroines with this theme and if you would like to vote for the best of the best go to these Goodreads lists: I'm in the Navy!Best Romance Featuring a Navy SEAL, and For The Love Of A Sailor-Historical Hero Who Is Sailor, Ship's Captain Or Seafarer


Here are some wonderful romance writers that served in the Navy. Thank you!


Anne Ashby, Royal NZ Navy, 70-91, Communications
Heather Ashby, USN, 74-87, Personnel

Terry Blain, USN, 73-76, Electronics


Rogenna Brewer, USN, 80-85, Administration

Shannon Brown, USN, 02-pres, Logistics


Christyne Butler, USN, 87-92,Data processing

Cindy Carver, USN, 76-79, Aviation Machinist mate


Misty Chavis, USN, 80-05, Supply 

Diana Cosby, USN, 78-96, Meteorologist
Sara Crabtree/Pen Sara Hubbard,Canadian Naval Reserves (Naval Communicator) 

Mary Fishler-Fisk, USN, 81-05, Surface Warfare Officer

Loni Glover, USN, 87-89, Logistics

Ilena Holder, USN, 72-76, Aviation Storekeeper

Charlotte Hunter, USN, 88-10, Chaplain

Candace Irvin, USA/USN, 83-91, Surface ships
Kathleen Toomey Jabs, USNA 1988, Navy, 1988-present, public affairs

Shirley Jakway, writing as Mairi Norris, USN, Medic, 80-88, 

Megan Just, US Navy, 03-08, Surface Warfare

Geri Krotow, USN, 82-95, Air/ASW Intel

Mahalia Levey, USN, 93-01, Undesignated

Cathy Maxwell, USN,76-82, Intelligence

Dawn McClure, USN, 95-98, Cryptology tech

Lindsay McKenna, USN, 64-67, Meteorology

Danielle Monsch, 92-00, Navy reserves
Jean-Murray, USN, 91-11, Navy Nurse Corps 

JoAnn Reardon, USN, 88-94, Cryptologist

Shelagh Rivera, USN, 74-95, Nurse 

Lucy Slagel, USN, 73-93, Intelligence

Julie Spurgeon, USN, 80-85, Ocean Systems Analyst

Valerie Tibbs, Navy, 84-92, Admin

Tamara Worlton, USN, 99-present, surgeon 



I couldn't find a naval heroine but I found these great real photos! So it seems, we need a romance novel starring a naval heroine. Stat!