Hunting (Return of the Nine, #6) Review

Hunting - Viola Grace

Ancient cities and the need to hunt give Nik a few clients who are out of this world.

Niika has a love for the land that goes bone deep. Even damaged by an old injury, she seeks out prey in the form of plants, animals and missing persons. Nik’s life revolves around her taking groups on tours of the wild and teaching them to live off the land that offers so much. Taking a group of aliens is a definite first.

The Nine need fresh supplies if they are to remain as a defense and an assisting partner to the people of Gaia. They also wish to know where their own people used to live and how. Cavos is a historian in search of the city of the Stone Folk, and he is quite surprised to find his mind turning from the past to the future when he meets the Gaian huntress who is leading him to his heart’s desire.



I really enjoyed this short story where the heroine was kick ass even though she had a disabling injury. The hero is a Stone Giant and very subdued which is a lot of fun. The world building is great and there is a tender love story here as well.


Good stuff.