The Principle of Desire

The Principle of Desire (Science of Temptation, #3) - Delphine Dryden

1 sexy switch + 1 nerdy newbie = a master class in seduction


After several years as a submissive, psychology lecturer Beth is eager to experience being on the other end of the whip for a change. When she meets sweet but socially awkward Ed at a party, it's obvious the aerospace engineer is interested—and obvious he's way too vanilla.


When tracking down a friend lands him in a BDSM club, Ed's eyes are opened to a whole other world—and a whole other side of Beth. Then Beth's former Master shows up, and Ed agrees to play along as her sub in exchange for a real date. The biggest surprise of the evening? How much he enjoys letting her take controlÂ…


Beth's ex makes it clear he wants her back, but she needs more from a relationship than he can offer—and not just the freedom to explore her switch side. At first Ed is just an enthusiastic student. But the more she gets to know him, in and out of the bedroom, the more Beth wonders if he's everything she desiresÂ…


Includes Solving for X, an all-new Science of Temptation bonus scene





In this third novella in the nerd meets BDSM, we have more fun!

I love the hero who is a Plain Joe sort as well as a genius and nerd. I love the dice gaming in here. I also enjoyed the idea that the heroine wanted to play.

The heroines' struggle was interesting but I would have liked more of the romance and again more of the HEA.