Talking Dirty With The Boss Review

Talking Dirty With the Boss - Jackie Ashenden

Marisa Clair wants to get her artist dreams back on track after a life detour. That means no partying, no shopping…and definitely no men to distract her. Should be easy, but there’s something about her hot and exceedingly uptight boss and she can't seem to stop herself from ruffling Mr. Tall, Dark and Irritating.


Financial consultant Luke McNamara lives his life strictly by schedule – his OCD simply won't allow him to do anything else. And the very last thing he needs is a sassy blonde putting lipstick on his collar and messing with his routine. She annoys the hell out of him so why can’t he stop thinking about the color of her panties…and how free he feels when he’s with her?


Marisa and Luke’s plans to steer clear of one another are shot to hell after a hot office encounter. Now the two of them will have to learn to get along as they face a much more permanent reminder of their lack of self-control – a pregnancy.




I really enjoyed the romance of this book between a very uptight hero and a heroine who is a bit outrageous and not use to being taken seriously.


His OCD makes for an engaging conflict and I adored watching them fall in love. I like romances set in New Zealand and this is a very sexy love story. Car bonnet. Grr.


It has a lot of trite troupes done well insta lust, unplanned pregnancy, no fraternization clause, and opposites attract that are weaved into the lens of OCD giving us something fresh, compelling, and touching.


My only complaint--The heroine's character development is a bit of a mess in places--she wants to stand on her own two feet, she is overly snarky, she is very self protective. Sometimes, this makes sense and sometimes she does the opposite and since we have a little space in this romance we don't get her arc as much and things seem rushed.


I liked it. It is a great category romance. I need to read the 2nd one in the series. The first was great as well.


I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it!