Tomboys in Paranormal Romance Novels

Big Bad Beast - Shelly Laurenston Lover Mine  - J.R. Ward Warrior - Zoe Archer Moon Called - Patricia Briggs Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews Tinker - Wen Spencer Driven - Eve Silver, Eve Kenin A Tale Of Two Dragons - G.A. Aiken Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Play of Passion - Nalini Singh

Part of me agrees that this term should be eased out of use but the other part of me still finds it useful as one color (or really a set of hues) on the spectrum of gender. And then there is a spectrum (not speculum) of tomboyish itself and then again there is the prism in which in  otherwise girlie girl (another fun term) glints the rainbow shine of the tomboy some where within all that moisturizing. 


So, in Western cultures as tomboy is: A woman or girl  who behaves or dresses in the way boys or men are traditionally expected to at least in some aspects (jobs, sports, hobbies, attitudes), Typically wears jeans, baseball caps, and and has a very low maintenance beauty regime if any.  Often brought up with a lot of brothers or a child of a single father.


This identity is not particularly about sexual preference in Western culture.  There is Venn diagram I could draw if I was feeling it but right now I don't want to launch into a a Gender Studies lecture. 


I, of course, was a tomboy. I didn't grow out it of really. Tree climbing, fencing, dirt, jeans, car repair, low maintain beauty routine.  I just where leggings under my skirts now. 


So, I tend to like the range of identity that tomboys bring to the romance novel. Just like I like the range the those girlie girls bring as well.


So, here are my favorite Paranormal Tomboys! 



Paranormal Romance (this may seem redundant because Action Girl is often a Tomboy)


1. Play of Passion by Nalini Sing,  Lieutenant Indigo Riviere 

2. Sin Undone by Larissa Ione, Master assassin Sinead

3. A Tale of Two Dragons by G.A. Aiken, Braith of the Darkness 

4. Driven by Eve Silver, Ice trucker Raina Bowen 

5. Tinker by Wen Spencer, Inventor, genius Tinker 

6. Magic Bites by Iona Andrews, Mercenary Kate Daniels 

7. Moon Called  by Patricia Briggs, Mechanic Mercy Thompson 

8. Warrior: by Zoe Archer, Thalia Burgess 

9. Lover Mine by JR Ward, Xhex, badass woman

10. Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston, Dee-Ann Smith, former Marine


Did I not name your favorite? Let me know!


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More Tomboys lists to come this week!