Cat's Best Romance Reads of 2014 That Were Not Published 2014

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion Geek with the Cat Tattoo  - Theresa Weir Control - Charlotte Stein Coming Home for Christmas: A Christmas in ParadiseO Christmas TreeNo Crib for a Bed - Carla Kelly Much Ado About You - Eloisa James Skypirate (The Coalition Rebellion Novels Book 2) - Justine Davis Hunting - Viola Grace The Dom Project - Heloise  Belleau, Solace Ames Three Little Words (Fool's Gold, #12) - Susan Mallery

Yeah. This is the last list of 2014 Best of Cat's Booknest. I think...


I reread a lot but we are not even going to go there. I don't really pay much attention to when a book was published before I select to read it (barring the very old school). 


Here are my great new to me reads of the year. A mix of trusted authors that I just can't keep up with and the bliss of newly discovered writers. 


Click on the Stars to see the review and the book title for the Amazon link. 




Contemporary Romance 


Painted Faces  by L.H. Cosway 5 Stars

The Rosie Project: A Novel (Don Tillman Book 1) by Graeme Simsion 5 Stars

Girl with the Cat Tattoo (Cool Cats Book 1) by Theresa Weir 4 Stars 

Geek with the Cat Tattoo (Cool Cats Book 2)  by Theresa Weir 4 Stars

Almost Summer (Fool's Gold series) by Susan Mallery 4 Stars 

Two of a Kind (Fool's Gold Book 11) by Susan Mallery 4 Stars 

Three Little Words (Fool's Gold Book 12) by Susan Mallery 4 Stars 

Talking Dirty With the Boss by Jackie Ashenden 4 Stars

Just One Taste (Recipe for Love) by Louisa Edwards 4 Stars

The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden  4 Stars

The Principle of Desire  by Delphine Dryden  4 Stars

The Dom Project (LA Doms Book 1) by Heloise Belleau  4 Stars

Serendipity by Judith Mcwilliams 4 Stars 


Control by Charlotte Stein 4 Stars* (This should have made my best of list)

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss Book 1) by Nalini Singh 4 Stars*

Taken with You: Book Eight of The Kowalskis by Shannon Stacey 4 Stars*

While It Was Snowing: a novella by Elyssa Patrick 4 Stars*


*a 2014 pub but not on my other lists)


Historical Romance


Coming Home for Christmas by Carla Kelly 5 Stars

Fool for Love (Duchess Quartet Book 2) by Eloisa James 4 Stars

Much Ado About You (Essex Sisters series Book 1) by Eloisa James 4 Stars

BOXING DAY by Jill Barnett 4 Stars 


Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Romance


Hiding (Return of the Nine Book 3) by Viola Grace 4 Stars

Hunting (Return of the Nine Book 6) by Viola Grace 4 Stars

Designing (Return of the Nine Book 7)  by Viola Grace 4 Stars

Skypirate (The Coalition Rebellion Novels Book 2) by Justine Davis 4 Stars

Balm by Viola Grace 4 Stars

Entwined (Darkest London) by Kristen Callihan 4 Stars

Micro Lena by Viola Grace 4 Stars 

Flight and Fantasy by Viola Grace 4 Stars 


My Guilty Pleasure Read


Transcendence by Shay Savage 4 Stars


Time Travel Caveman Romance. Enough Said. Well, he is non verbal so really enough said.